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Thank you MTV for bringing acknowledgment to something that nobody els on the news will

they’ve been so on top of things lately like I remember seeing the yes all women hashtag all over mtv I am so thankful
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Reactions to this morning’s Ferguson police press conference, which was ostensibly to release the name of the officer who murdered Michael Brown, but turned out to be a hackjob smear campaign on the victim.

Links to all original sources here.

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Glen Faught is a Motion Graphics / VFX artist based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. During the day he does in house motion design work for Target. By night, he works as a freelancer when he has the opportunity. He started doing Tumblr projects so he could stay fresh and try out things he normally wouldn’t have the opportunity to mess around with. He posts his work on Tumblr as digiwich.


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thedeadly-rhythm said: Yo, what's the difference between white people and yoghurt? Eventually yoghurt forms it's own culture.


This joke doesn’t have the widest audience, but I get it.

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holding in a fart all day and finally getting home


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Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler Appreciation Post

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A Foggy Day, Edward Gorey


A Foggy Day, Edward Gorey

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